N D M Weddings and Events

The biggest dream every girl has is of that big day when she walks down the aisle with her perfect dress, her hair and make up done as if from a fashion magazine.

Her knight in shining armour awaiting her in the front. The most romantic song is playing while she smiles at her guests… Slowly walking to the front she can hear cameras clicking as she notices the bespoke flowers in the front, candles alight. She is almost at the front of the aisle. As her veil is lifted, her father gives her a final kiss with tears of joy.
She takes the knight’s hand and the guests sit down. The ceremony is about to begin.

The wedding and floral designer peaks in at the back, look at each other, hands in front of their mouths and simultaneously saying “this is perfect, everything is perfect. This is her wedding day!”

Welcome to NDM Wedding and Events. Where your dreams become a reality where your wedding day perfection is our passion.
Commitment, professionalism and integrity is what you will find at NDM Weddings and Events